Treatments & Prices

Choosing the right treatment is vital for improving health & wellbeing so here you can learn more about what’s on offer. There are however a couple of things to be aware of before going ahead…… The first; Please note – this is a LADIES ONLY service. The Second; All massages are done using mats on the floor as opposed to a bed. This is the traditional Indian way Julie was trained and so she has kept the authenticity.

All Massages are 1 hour in duration

Full Body Ayurvedic Massage – £50

Udavarthana  £40 During Udavarthana – medicated herbal powder specific to the client’s constitution (Prakriti) or medical condition is chosen. This is a vigorous massage using upward strokes and does not involve any kind of oil. People with a tendency to high levels of Kapha dosha will benefit greatly from this therapy. This is a wonderful treatment for anyone with circulation problems, Anxiety & those who are looking to lose weight or lacking energy

Abhayanga  £40 This is a relaxing warm oil massage using strokes that are long and flowing to keep the body warm for maximum absorption of the medicinal oil. More pressure is used in the downward direction to calm Vata Dosha by encouraging its normal downward flow. Abhyanga also balances the Prana (vital life force) in the body. Who is Abhyangam treatment most suitable for?
It is an excellent treatment for anyone suffering from muscle ache and stiffness, backache, stress and mental fatigue and is especially good in imbalance of the Vata Dosha.

Pizhichil £40  A treatment in which warm medicated oil is poured over the body whilst a massage is performed. The warm oil is poured from a special vessel called a Kindi, held at a distance of a few inches from the body. Medicated oil is chosen according to the constitution or condition of the client.
Pizhichil is excellent for balancing the Doshas, especially Vata Dosha and is particularly useful in injuries such as fractures. It is also used in neurological conditions such as paralysis, including monoplegia, hemiplegia and paraplegia. It removes pain and stiffness in the joints and improves digestion also. Additionally the heat of the oil used in Pizhichil causes perspiration, which in Ayurveda is seen as a way to balance Vata and also remove stiffness, pain and toxins from the body. For this reason those with High Bloodpressure should NOT opt for this treatment.

Champi £30 Traditionally known as Indian Head Massage.

Hijama (£45) also known as cupping and is wonderful in the alleviation & cure of many health conditions. There are two main types of cupping (wet & dry) Wet cupping involves small incisions being made to the skin in the affected areas, and small glass suction cups being placed over the areas to draw out small amounts of toxic blood. Because most disease in the body is carried via the blood flow, this ancient tradition helps separate the toxins from the healthy blood, allowing a freer cleaner circulation. Wet cupping serves very much the same purpose except for the fact no blood is extracted. Instead, suction cups are applied only to draw toxic blood to the surface allowing freer flow of healthy blood to occur. HIJAMA treatments are administered whilst the person is seated in a chair and the treatment can take anywhere up to 30 mins.

Indian Oracle Gita Card Readings (£25)

All equipment used in Mind Medicine treatments is brand new & sterile
Please Note: In HIJAMA treatments, due to suction cups being used, you may have small circular marks on the skin after treatments. These usually disappear after a couple of days.