17 Days in Colour – Grey

As we arrive at day 13 of our 17 days in colour, we come across the colour GREY. For some, grey is kind of non -descript but as a colour therapist I’d argue it’s one of the strongest peace keepers across the spectrum. See what you think!


Grey is a wonderful colour for neutralizing negative influences, erasing or cancelling situations, causing stalemates – in other words when you’ve ‘hit a brick wall’
Those who have grey as a favourite colour tend to be pragmatic in nature, seeing both sides of the argument but at the same time remaining neutral in opinions. Grey’s are great peacekeepers, they are the ones to find equilibrium and balance where all others can’t.
Grey is connected to the base chakra, and as this chakra provides our roots and our foundation for the rest of the chakra system, it is vital to have the base chakra in balance. The lesson of base chakra is grounding, along with the root chakra it provides a full inhabiting of our physical bodies as the embodiment of our connection to the element of earth. To cease existing primarily in our heads and inhabit our bodies. To cease grasping onto people, places and things as the source of our security. To find our own root support.
The healing power of grey is the reducing of high blood pressure, anxiety & stress amongst regulating the heart & assisting the respiratory system.