17 DAYS in COLOUR (Red)

Thanks for joining me on day 2 of our 17 Days in Colour. Today we’re looking at the healing powers & magical properties of RED.

12931899 - the root chakra

Healing properties: The colour RED Brings warmth, energy and stimulation, so it’s great to wear if you’ve been suffering tiredness and low energy.  Red energizes the heart and improves blood circulation. It also helps to raise blood pressure so it’s best not to wear red if your blood pressure’s already high.  Red is fantastic for strengthening  all the organs and more importantly, heightening the senses – hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch.  For those with low libido, wearing red is known to increases sexual desire and activity.  Additionally red is evidenced to stimulate ovulation. If you’re using colour as a healing tool, Never wear too much red if you have cancer as this color will stimulate cell growth. Continue reading



Have you noticed how your favourite colour is different now than it was as a child?

Healing Properties of Colour

As we move through life’s journey, our health & experiences change and believe it or not, colour plays a major part in this.  Did you know, the colours you wear or surround yourself with can affect your physical & mental health? – it’s true.  Each day for the next 17 Days you’ll find a different colour and a full description of its health benefits.  Let’s start with ORANGE…


The Life Chaging Benefits of Orange

Healing properties: Orange is warm, mood lifting & non-constricting. Surrounding ourselves with the colour orange has a freeing action upon the body and mind and is an instant reliever of tension. When we feel stuck in life, wearing orange clothes or accessories helps us find clarity. This is because the colour orange stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm. Burning a drop of Orange essential oil, stimulates the lungs, the respiratory & digestive system and also Increases thyroid activity.  If you have muscle cramps from working out, mix 5 drops of orange essential oil in a cup of olive oil & massage into the muscles ( Always check for Contraindications before use) and if you’re breastfeeding, eating an orange each day will increase breast milk.
Orange links strongly with the sacral chakra.

It’s magickal benefits are said to attract the Deities of good luck and fortune.

If RED is your Colour – Check Out Tomorrow’s Post!


In The Stillness of Snow

The stillness of snow, oh how the mind falls silent, calm and peaceful.


A while ago I wrote about life on the 17th floor, the sunsets like an air bound fire, the fear through the eyes of others & so many shades of green – even the greatest of artists would be envious.  Many a physician will die of old age before finding a more powerful sedative – a more potent relaxant. Looking out onto blankets of white, any signs of anger, stress, depression pale into insignificance even if it’s only slightly.  Tomorrow maybe the joy will return fully with a multitude of colours visible from the 17th Floor.

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