Posts to Heal & Inspire

Blue Healer

Hi readers! It’s been quite sometime since I wrote here so where do I start? In the past 2 days, I have had one of the most profound healing experiences of my whole life.Every year around this time, I get some kind of nasty cold or chest infection. This time, I did all the usualContinue reading “Blue Healer”

What we learn

Its been a while since I wrote, but this morning I came across some old journals and felt inspired. I’ve always found journalling useful, its a way of preserving the essence of our experiences especially in spiritual practices. There in writing, Ive noted what I experienced in meditation at different times (some of which wereContinue reading “What we learn”

Tibetan Buddhism and the Addicted Mind Session 1 Right Understanding

We’re all addicts in one way or other. Addiction isn’t just about the stereotypical drugs & alcohol though. We may become addicted to almost anything in life – including life itself. What many don’t realise, is the Buddhist Eightfold path can be used as a program of recovery from addiction. This being said, we shouldn’tContinue reading “Tibetan Buddhism and the Addicted Mind Session 1 Right Understanding”

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