Tenzindasel Julie Kelly

Mind medicine the Art of Healing

Podcasts are definitely in. They are the new go to, when you’re looking for something quick to stimulate or relax the mind. I’ve put together a whole range of guided meditations and teachings over on Spotify, aimed to help you reduce stress and anxiety.
Never have these things been more needed, than now – during lockdown and the difficulties it brings. The recordings are absolutely free, however if you want something tailor-made to suit your needs – then please get in touch! For just £7.50 you can have a personalised meditation audio to help you sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, help you de-stress in the workplace, assess and reassess your relationship with food and a whole lot more.

Add What You Do
  • Podcasting
  • 1-1 Spiritual Health Coach
  • Meditation & Breath-Work Group Facilitator
  • Psychic Counselling

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