The God Dilemma


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The God Dilemma

Many perceptions exist about the existence of God – who he is, what form he takes & how he created the world etc….


It all depends I guess on which teachings you live by. Although Buddhism stands with a great respect for all religions, it doesn’t recognise God as creator. Here’s my dilemma on the existence of God which I hope you might help with…….

If as many believe, God created the Universe – where was he when he did so? If God is a person (Many address him as the Father) then from whom was he born? And doesn’t this imply the existence of a universe at the time of his birth? If as many believe, God is an energy Omnipotent & Omnipresent, where did that energy exist when it created itself?

I’d love to have a conversation and hear your thoughts – let’s have the debate ūüėä

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Gold in the Ganga

Never underestimate the power of death – or indeed the power of life!


Something I learned in India a couple of years ago. I’d taken myself off for some peace & quiet, away from the hustle & bustle of Rishikesh market to sit for a while on the banks of the sacred river Ganga. Ram Jhula to be exact. ¬†Where holy men bathe, and cows roam peacefully alongside them. You can’t help but notice the the interconnectedness of all living things in a place like this. On this particular day however, I learned an even greater lesson. ¬†Looking out across the river, a young boy of 11 or 12yrs old caught my eye. Barefoot and dressed only in ¬†red draped material from waist to thigh, he rummaged in the water, every so often popping something into his mouth. It was hard to make out exactly what he was picking up from a distance and after a while, curiosity got the better of me. For half an hour I’d watched this strange behaviour and had to find out. ¬†When I asked, the answer was far from what I expected. In¬†broken English, he told me how he was collecting gold. Gold from the bodies of dead people cremated there. Gold they no longer needed, ¬†which could feed his family for a week. ¬†At this moment everything made sense. ¬†The irrational fear of death, when actually it’s merely a continuation of life.

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Words of Encouragement from my Teacher


For many years Ive been coming & going to & from India. My journey began in 2009 with a rucksack & an ‘I know everything about meditation’ attitude. Believe me – it doesn’t last long in a place like India. Sure, I’d been meditating for many years, priding myself on how long I could sit in a session. I now know, in all that time I achieved very little except a numb behind ūüėä but it’s a lesson learned. We all learn in life along our journeys and my reality came one hot Summer’s day in Dharamsala – home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

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You Are Your Best Therapist

Why Buy What You Already Have?

imageThere’s an old Lancashire saying “There’s Nowt Stranger than Folk” and it’s true. ¬†If we go to the fridge and there’s enough food, we don’t go and buy more. ¬†If we’ve eaten a hearty meal, we don’t just eat another, so why do we spend vast amounts of money for someone to solve problems we already have the answers to? It’s a complex question, but often it’s more difficult to look internally than externally – why? Because looking inwardly can reveal things about us we’d rather not admit or face. We live and work on automatic pilot, often jeopardising our own health – anything but face our problems head on. Then when our body grinds to a halt & our mental health suffers, we seek out therapy. The mind is a powerful tool, when relaxed it can help us rationalise and make sense of things in a way we can’t do when it’s busy. This is why meditation is key to our mental & physical wellbeing.

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Is Forgiveness Necessary to Move On? What Do You Think?

Some would say Absolutely Not! images (1)Why should someone who did us harm be forgiven? What makes them worthy of forgiveness & why shouldn’t they pay? Then there’s the counter argument – Why Not Forgive? What good does it do holding onto pain & anger? Is there any real closure in taking revenge? Most importantly, does it change what happened? What are your thoughts on forgiveness? I’d love to hear your views.¬† ¬†Please Like Share & Comment!

Insomnia – 5 Biggest Mistakes & How You Can Conquer it!!

Are you struggling to sleep? Do you go to bed and find yourself completely wired? Here are 5 common mistakes!

1- Grabbing a Coffee: Coffee is top of the list of things NOT TO DO when managing stress related insomnia. Coffee increases adrenaline which in turn, speeds everything up making us more tense and wired.
2- Going online: If stress is affecting your sleep, the worst thing you can do is log on to social networking sites. More often than not you’ll get into chats that stimulate the mind. What you should be doing, is calming it.
3- Snacking: If stress is keeping you awake, late night snacking is the worst thing to do. Most food nowadays contain sugar which will provide energy as opposed to relaxing you. If the stress is through the day, snacking can become addictive hence piling on the pounds.
4- Getting stuck into office work: Often work related stress is the reason we can’t sleep. Although he working day is over, the mind needs to unwind. Picking up that work at night, will increase stress levels.
5- Switching on the TV: Pretty much like going on line, TV stimulates the mind. Most often when we turn on the TV, it’s to at home something we enjoy. Being in this zone, stimulates the pleasure centre part of the brain (the Amygdala) which releases seratonin . Seratonin is known as the body’s natural happy chemical – something you don’t need pumping around when you’re trying to sleep.

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