Well done for sticking with us to finally reach the 5th Guaranteed way to make meditation work for you. If you practice the other 4 regularly & with commitment, there’s absolutely no reason why you won’t experience the changes I have. All 5 of these steps have been used in my own practice which is how I know they work. So let’s move on to number 5……

Pay Attention & share

As you become more relaxed into your meditation practice, You’ll become aware of any sensations or emotions arising within you. Don’t try to change them or analyse them-simply be aware of them and let them pass. Remember, your emotions, worries and negative thoughts aren’t part of you. If they were, you wouldn’t be able to get rid of them so remember, meditation isn’t about clearing the mind-it’s about not allowing our thoughts and negativity to dominate it by creating dialogue with them. The one thing to note as you become more advanced in your practice, is ‘personal responsibility’ It’s true we can’t always be responsible for things happening around us, some things are beyond our control. But we are absolutely and completely responsible for the way we respond to those things. As you become more settled in your practice, you may notice a big change in the way you respond to things. You may find yourself walking away or trying to reason with people who would usually press your buttons. Pay Attention to these changes and then share your experiences with others who might be struggling.

You are the greatest teacher anyone could ask for – but first you have to be the greatest student.




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So in our last 3 posts we’ve explored What Meditation Is, Being Aware of Posture & Why We Chose Meditation As A Practice. I’ve tried to keep the posts as brief and to the point as possible. That’s the thing about meditation, you don’t need to overthink things – it just takes patience and regular practice.

So now in Step 4 – Let’s Consider Change

The main thing to consider when doing regular meditation practice is ‘change’ this will take place in many different ways. If you practice regularly you’ll notice change in your mood, how you see the world, how you see yourself even and definite changes in health as your mind becomes calmer. Change can be really exciting especially if you start to notice positive things happening as a result. But what if the change isn’t so positive? For example, if you’re having problems finding time to meditate. Well over the past 3 sessions, the only practice we have done lasts just 5 minutes so if you’re finding it difficult to make time, consider the possibility you may need to make change to your routine. 5 minutes of your day isn’t a long time, so maybe there are things you need to adjust. It’s important at this stage, not to blame external things, for the fact we don’t have time – we make our own choices in life and we need to make the adjustments. Lets see how many changes we notice over the next couple of days! See you soon for our 5th Guaranteed Way to Make Meditation Work For You.




For most of us, meditation becomes a choice when things aren’t going right in our lives. For example, we all get that feeling like  something’s missing etc. Unless of course you’re born into an eastern culture where meditation is often a lifestyle routine. If you find yourself experiencing problems meditating, remind yourself why you started in the first place.  Step 3: Remember Why you Chose to Meditate – Give yourself TIME  

Everything of benefit takes hard work so just keep at it and you’ll succeed! In Western culture it’s a sad fact we’ve become ‘quick fix’ addicts – when something goes wrong we want a fix now! The problem is, life doesn’t work like that so in essence we’re trying to defy the law of nature. How can we possibly hope to solve our stress crisis by trying to race through things? The racing mind is usually the root cause of our stress issues. This is why it’s important to strip things right back to the beginning and remember….. If your meditation practice doesn’t work first time, it doesn’t mean it’s rubbish – it means you need to work with it more. This is something to contemplate for the next couple of days. See you soon with Step 4




5 GUARANTEED WAYS To Make Meditation Work for You – By Julie Kelly

In step 1 we looked at Meditation & some of the misconceptions. You were also given a short 5 min meditation practice to try out. So by now you’ll have had the chance to get acquainted with things a little better in preparation for Step 2…..


When we do meditation practice, it’s so important to have correct posture because not only does this help ‘Prana’ or life energy flow freely around the body, it also helps with many physical health conditions. So when we meditate it’s important to sit comfortably with a straight back. Think of the body as a mountain, the base is at your crossed legs, the strength is your straight back & the peak is the crown of your head. Here’s an example of good meditation posture whether you’re on a mat or supported on a chair.
For some, taking this position may be difficult so it’s ok to lean back against something but your back should ideally be straight if supported. Remember, meditation is a discipline of the mind and body so we should try where possible to bring the two together. For the next couple of days, practice your 5 minute meditation (as in Step 1) in a more upright posture and see how it feels. I’d love your feedback.

5 GUARANTEED WAYS to Make Meditation Work for You! By Julie Kelly

Worldwide research has proven, regular meditation helps improve Mental, Spiritual & Physical health. But it all seems pointless if every time you try, a huge mental block appears to stop you in your tracks. Don’t worry though, it happens to most of us at first. This is why I’m sharing my 5 guaranteed ways to make meditation work for you. So let’s begin with the obvious…

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1 – What Meditation Actually Is

Meditation is a process of calming the mind not clearing it of thoughts. A really big misunderstanding of meditation, is it means clearing all thoughts so the mind is empty. If you’ve been trying to do this, it’s no wonder you’re struggling. The more you try to clear those thoughts, the more they come streaming back – right?  So the first step is knowing it’s okay to have thoughts. The problems begin when those thoughts start to dominate our mind. When you first start to meditate, you’ll probably find a whole stream of different thoughts trying to bombard your mind. This is perfectly normal because up until now, you’ve allowed your mind to jump from one thing to another – a behaviour known as ‘Monkey Mind.’ All that’s happening here, is your mind trying to cling to its normal behaviour as you start reigning it in. Your mind isn’t used to being quiet, so for a while it will try and fight back until you’ve trained it properly to behave in a different way. So the best way to start for a good quality meditation, is to sit for about 5 minutes – no more. Just  focus on the breath, and when thoughts come into your mind, embrace them and let them go. Don’t try and create a dialogue with them or get disturbed because they’re only thoughts, like the sea they’ll come and go. Just recognise them, and bring your focus back to the breath. This is all you need to do for the first step. Try it for the next couple of days and then we’ll look at our next step.

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