From Mud to Magnificence

Good morning everyone!Did you know – To blossom, the lotus flower must grow through mud and dirty pond water?Despite the fact it pushes through all that gunge & bacteria, it still blooms.The conditions in which this beautiful Lotus flower grows, are beyond nasty. Somehow though, each morning it hears the call of the sun andContinue reading “From Mud to Magnificence”

Tibetan Buddhism and the Addicted Mind Session 1 Right Understanding

We’re all addicts in one way or other. Addiction isn’t just about the stereotypical drugs & alcohol though. We may become addicted to almost anything in life – including life itself. What many don’t realise, is the Buddhist Eightfold path can be used as a program of recovery from addiction. This being said, we shouldn’tContinue reading “Tibetan Buddhism and the Addicted Mind Session 1 Right Understanding”