About Julie


Julie Kelly – Expert In Stress Management, Traditional Eastern Healer & Qualified Laughter Therapy Facilitator – Rochdale Greater Manchester.

(2010) Julie made a life changing decision to leave her 20+ year job as a Mental Health Social Worker & travel India. Initially she took a 6 months sabbatical, but life took a very interesting twist when she received a 12 months visa by accident. Julie admits…

sometimes things just work out exactly as they’re meant to.

Julie kelly

Early 2011- Julie completed her training in Traditional Indian Healthcare (Ayurveda) She also studied Tibetan Buddhism with her teacher at Namgyal Monastery home of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

2012 – Within a few weeks of returning to the UK, julie started getting emails from Indian/Tibetan women seeking alternative healthcare ‘ Word travels fast in these circles’. This is really how Julie started her own practice.  

These days, you’ll rarely see Julie advertising on social media as she’s already very well established in her field, but she won’t turn you away either. If you’re a woman struggling with physical, mental or spiritual health issues, drop julie an  email at juliekellymail@gmail.com or via the website and she will get back to you.

Julie has also published a range of books & articles on Amazon and Elephant Journal.