About Julie


Julie Kelly – Expert In Stress Management, Traditional Eastern Healer & Qualified Laughter Therapy Facilitator – Rochdale Greater Manchester.

(2010) Julie made a life changing decision to leave her 20+ year job as a Mental Health Social Worker & travel India. Initially she took a 6 months sabbatical, but life took a very interesting twist when she received a 12 months visa by accident. Julie admits…

sometimes things just work out exactly as they’re meant to.

Julie kelly

Early 2011- Julie completed her training in Traditional Indian Healthcare (Ayurveda) She also studied Tibetan Buddhism with her teacher at Namgyal Monastery home of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

2012 – Within a few weeks of returning to the UK, julie started getting emails from Indian/Tibetan women seeking alternative healthcare ‘ Word travels fast in these circles’. This is really how Julie started her own practice. ¬†

These days, you’ll rarely see Julie advertising on social media as she’s already very well established in her field, but she won’t turn you away either. If you’re a woman struggling with physical, mental or spiritual health issues, drop julie an ¬†email at juliekellymail@gmail.com or via the website and she will get back to you.

Julie has also published a range of books & articles on Amazon and Elephant Journal.