Blue Healer

Hi readers! It’s been quite sometime since I wrote here so where do I start?

In the past 2 days, I have had one of the most profound healing experiences of my whole life.
Every year around this time, I get some kind of nasty cold or chest infection. This time, I did all the usual stuff – hot drinks, keeping warm etc but I just couldn’t move the congestion in my lungs. Not being able breathe properly left me completely exhausted.
Two nights ago I decided to submit myself to the healing of Medicine Buddha.
I made myself a lovely warm bed with quilts on the floor of my living room, found a 3hr Medicine Buddha mantra on You Tube and drifted off.
A couple of hrs later in a sleep state, I felt a horrible choking sensation. A ball what felt like powder blocking my throat. The feeling was quite terrifying.

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Hello & welcome to Clear Mind Revolution! I’m Julie. What I’m going to tell you now, could happen to any one of you - seriously! In 2010 I had a life-changing Eureka moment! After 25+ happy years in the same career, something happened overnight. I woke thinking “there must be more to see & do out there” It was like some weird kind of calling. You don’t get those things for no reason, so I decided to follow my heart. In a nutshell, I handed in my resignation at work and bought a ticket to India. Why India you might ask? Well that’s something I can’t tell you, but it’s where I ended up making my home for the next 2 years. It’s true what they say! You really do reflect what you give out. I’d gone to India to grow spiritually and as a result - ended up studying with some of the greatest meditators & highest Buddhist masters. That’s my story.... Now I facilitate Meditation & Breath Work Techniques over on zoom (for busy people) You can contact me @ Instagram @ tenzindaseljulie You Tube @ Mind Medicine Facebook @ Tibetan Buddhist Study & Debate Group.

One thought on “Blue Healer

  1. Not dismissing your Blue Healing, but this is how I have always dealt with cold and congested lungs. I cover myself in a pile of blankets, tuck my head under those blankets and sleep for 4 or 5 hours re-breathing the same air until my body sweats all the germs out of me.
    Works every time.


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