What we learn

Its been a while since I wrote, but this morning I came across some old journals and felt inspired.

I’ve always found journalling useful, its a way of preserving the essence of our experiences especially in spiritual practices. There in writing, Ive noted what I experienced in meditation at different times (some of which were the darkest) Also, how I was feeling at those times, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The most significant thing I’ve realised as a scholar and a teacher, is how far I have travelled and developed to this point in my life. It’s almost like a manual of my life, that I never even realised was taking fruition.

Now when asked, ”How can you prove meditation works?” it isn’t hard to respond with conviction.
Experience is so important, because without experiencing the benefits of what we do, there seems little logic in doing it. But what this morning highlighted, is how quickly we forget the richness of the things we learn along the way.

So I guess today Im reaching out to my readers and asking…..

How has your spiritual practice enriched your life? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Published by easternhealingroom

Hello & welcome to Clear Mind Revolution! I’m Julie. What I’m going to tell you now, could happen to any one of you - seriously! In 2010 I had a life-changing Eureka moment! After 25+ happy years in the same career, something happened overnight. I woke thinking “there must be more to see & do out there” It was like some weird kind of calling. You don’t get those things for no reason, so I decided to follow my heart. In a nutshell, I handed in my resignation at work and bought a ticket to India. Why India you might ask? Well that’s something I can’t tell you, but it’s where I ended up making my home for the next 2 years. It’s true what they say! You really do reflect what you give out. I’d gone to India to grow spiritually and as a result - ended up studying with some of the greatest meditators & highest Buddhist masters. That’s my story.... Now I facilitate Meditation & Breath Work Techniques over on zoom (for busy people) You can contact me @ juliekellymail@gmail.com Instagram @ tenzindaseljulie You Tube @ Mind Medicine Facebook @ Tibetan Buddhist Study & Debate Group.

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