We all have times when we think “Why Me?” To be honest, for some of us it sounds like a pretty reasonable question. 

We’ve got all kinds of bills dropping through the letterbox, partners who don’t respect us and to top it all, poor health.  Not all of us have religion to turn to or even a faith to trust but even for those who do, it still begs the question “Why Me?”

Why? Questions life asking wondering deserving image perspective karma


Why have I had such a hard life?

How come everyone in my family did well except me?

What have I done to deserve this kind of life?

Why do I have all these health problems?

Why does it feel like the world’s against me?

The following two questions if answered honestly & frankly, can be completely life changing. They’re life changing because once you grasp the reasoning behind them, it’ll change your whole thought process. Remember! You must be absolutely honest with yourself.


Question 1) Do I see myself as a decent kind of person?

Question 2) Can I think of anything I’ve done, that would make me deserve the awful things that happen to me?



 Here I’ll leave you to ponder these questions and tomorrow I’ll try to change your whole perspective on life.

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