It never used to be the case, but these days when I’m asked about my greatest strengths, I reply “Being a Dangerous Woman”

Dangerous confidence confident bold committed colour conviction faith voice empowerment empowered women standing subservience courage experience life choice age belief faith

This usually takes people by suprise but it’s true for many reasons and there are a lot of us around too. You see, over the years I’ve been preparing for this without even realising it – but now I know for sure how dangerous I truly am. 

So why do I class myself as a dangerous woman? Well when I hit my 50s, something happened to me pretty much overnight. Maybe the menopause had something to do with it but I became fearless. My mind opened up a new sense of clarity and awareness of why I exist today right here right now.

It became clear to me, that every experience I’ve had in life, every struggle & hardship (and believe me there have been many) has brought me to this place where I now deserve at the very least – respect for surviving. 

This realisation is what also made me fearless. Fearless of losing material things, Fearless of voicing my opinions, Fearless of having a voice and being heard, Fearless of being ridiculed, Fearless of getting old, Fearless of being alone with my thoughts and Fearless of having those thoughts, Fearless of standing in queues for longer than needed, just until I get eye contact from rude shop assistants who hand me my change without acknowledging me. When I do get eye contact, I simply smile and thank them but it gives me a sense of purpose to know I didn’t disrespect myself enough to accept the rudeness. Fearless of using colour on my clothes and hair whenever I want to and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

But how does this make me a dangerous woman you might ask? 

Well in a nutshell people don’t always like it. You see, we live in a society where we’re supposed to conform and obey and it’s true, in many cases we don’t have too much choice. But governments and stressed out bosses don’t want people like me who challenge 

injustice and stand up for the underdog. They want people who subserviently slouch in, cough nervously and get on with the task in hand. They want figures, targets & deadlines but no questions or criticism. People like me get on the nerves of people like them, We frighten them, make them feel like we know something they don’t and believe me – in many cases they’re right. 

Not only have I reached a point in my life where I’ve stopped being willing to tolerate nonesense, I also know my stuff & how to research things I don’t know and in addition, I’m not afraid to challenge. 

A remarkable woman Maya Angelou once said…..

You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

I believe these are true, because if we don’t proudly stand for something we believe in with dignity, courage and commitment – then we pretty much will stand for anything. 

Please don’t misunderstand my meaning when I describe myself as being a dangerous woman. Whilst I make no apology for presenting this way, I always try to treat people with grace & compassion and never make it my aim to hurt anyone intentionally. 

At the same time however, I haven’t walked the road of my life for 54 years, encountered indescribable hardships & trauma and dragged myself up from the gutter to become the person sitting here today, to just wilt over and accept anything less than politeness dignity & respect. All I bring with me is absolute & wholehearted commitment to my Buddhist faith, and unshaken belief in myself and what I can achieve. This is what makes me a dangerous woman but what about you?

What makes you a dangerous woman??




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