So you’re probably wondering…What makes today different? Why should today be celebrated more than any other? You’ve missed the point my friend!

It isn’t that today is any more special, beautiful or spectacular than the rest – you just forgot to notice that’s all. So here are 3 Incredible reasons to celebrate today!

Celebrate love appreciate spectacular amazing change life death knowledge wisdom
  1. We Exist – Hard as it is to imagine, all across the world last night people went to bed in the usual way, kissed loved ones goodnight, set the alarm ready for work and never woke up. Nothing remarkable about the night – it was simply their last. Their very last chance to witness a new day. To hear the birds sing or walk amongst trees. Their very last night to see the treasures all around them and they never even knew. In fact, to be even more realistic, it was their last opportunity to work themselves into the ground for that house they rarely lived in, the retirement plans they never got to see come into fruition, or the old age they were saving for that never came. Today Celebrate Life! 🙏🙏
  2. We Are Able – Here we are, reading this post with reasonably good vision, and a body healthy enough to function in the days to come. We’re fortunate to have the gift of opportunity to use this day in whichever way we like. It’s your life for the taking – (well at least for today) We can waste it and hope we get chance of another, or we can celebrate the hell out of it. It’s our choice – let’s be grateful for that choice. Today Celebrate Opportunity! 🎤🚵🛀
  3. We Are Remarkable – You are remarkable! With so many gifts to offer this world why not make today, the best of them all? We have the power of speech – let’s use it on someone who may be lonely. Someone once told me “You never know in this lifetime how many lives you may have saved” it’s true. Today might not only be the most spectacular for you,but for someone else too because of your actions – How awesome is that? Today Celebrate Compassion ❤️ Wisdom! ✍😢😂

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