THE CRYING MIND – The Benefits of Crying Without Shame by Julie Kelly


As a stress consultant and healer, I’m often presented with people in distress. Crying and tears have become a huge part of my work and I must confess, my personal life too. Did you notice the wording there? I said “I must confess” – as  if crying’s some kind of horrible sin. 

Crying tears cleansing peace inner resting frustration emotion salt saline anti bacterial physical mental spiritual health letting go

You see, in our culture we’re encouraged not to cry. Crying is seen as weakness & embarrassing. we’ve all had it said to us “come on now stop crying, pull yourself together ” and we even bring gender into it. Seriously! If you’re a woman crying is bad enough, but if you’re a man it’s an absolute no-no to cry. A sign of weakness, not being manly and masculine enough. And yet, crying is the one real action of our body that connects us emotionally. To cry is not only human response to sorrow or frustration, it’s also a really healthy one. It’s actually evidenced, crying reduces stress and helps us to eliminate the feelings that come with that frustration. Crying helps us to calm our mind and body and this has a huge physical knock-on effect. It’s common knowledge, holding in stress overlong periods of time can increase the risk of heart problems and other disorders such as acid & cancers etc. Other benefits of crying include: 

  • Helping us connect with others in terms of support. 
  • Helping to relieve pain. … 
  • Enhancing mood. … 
  • Releasing toxins and relieving stress. … 
  • Aiding sleep. … 
  • Fighting bacteria. … 
  • Improving vision.

Let’s not forget, tears are made up of a compound of salt and water-the best anti bacterial there is. In Biblical times, Mary Magdalen was said to have washed the feet of Jesus with her tears. Whether you believe the story or not, the message behind it cannot be ignored. Human tears are definitely a strong anti bacterial cleanser. So why as a culture, are we so opposed to crying? Maybe it’s because looking inwards at our own problems & deficits is much more difficult than looking outwards at someone else’s and so, for us to cry being ‘normal’ would be unthought of. Which brings us back to the power of mind & meditation. To be able to connect and truly be at peace with our mind, we must first learn to bring the mind to a place of stillness. The only way we can achieve this is through meditation. Through meditation we can begin to acknowledge and understand the nature of who we are, our emotions as they arise & our imbalances. Whilst meditation teaches that we shouldn’t give too much attention to our emotion, for example creating a dialogue and engaging with it. There’s absolutely no reason why, when emotion arises where tears need to flow, we shouldn’t allow them too.






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