Vulnerability – The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

So often these days, we hear talk of vulnerability, and how people we consider less fortunate than ourselves are ‘vulnerable’ in some way. How egotistical does that sound? To categorise someone as less fortunate than ourselves – just because they may look different, appear less financially secure or speak differently. We might want to ponder this… In what way are they less fortunate? and are they more fortunate in other areas of life? If so, does that take away their label of vulnerability and transfer it over to us?

Vulnerability vulnerable Attack Defence Inadequate Inadequately Inadequacy

It’s a very difficult but interesting dilemma, & even more interesting, does vulnerability exist at all? or is it simply part of the ego? Of course, there’ll be many viewpoints on this but for argument sake, let’s say vulnerability does not exist.  In a world where vulnerability doesn’t exist, where does that leave the services designed especially for vulnerable people? Services such as psychologists, counsellors, GPs & pharmaceuticals?  This post isn’t aimed in any way to discredit such services. After all, they’re in place to help the vulnerable aren’t they? Let’s face it, the very definition of vulnerability is the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

On the TV and radio pretty much 24/7 we are bombarded by news bulletins telling us who’s been stabbed, beaten up or terrorised on our streets. We are warned about terrorist attacks and theIr impending threat – is it any wonder we are cautious about venturing out into the big wide world? All over America we hear from those who feel they need to carry guns to defend themselves. I’m not here to be opinionated, but I do admittedly find myself pondering the big question, protect themselves from what? And why do they need such protection?

Then when we get ourselves into such a frenzy as we try to make sense of things, that’s where the services kick in. Services such as counselling to help us to talk through our issues and vulnerabilities, medication to help us feel better, and all of those medications have a side-effect of some kind. Believe me, being vulnerable isn’t an easy ride. Before you know it you’re addicted to shed loads of medication and trying to talk things through with someone you never met before, only to find – the answer was right here within you all the time.  It’s funny really how the very services aimed to cure us, also seem to link in with the definition of vulnerability. For example: Every medication has a physical or emotional side effect which needs another medicine to counteract it.  Each time we receive a prescription and encounter a side effect from that medicine, is that not considered an attack or harm either physically or emotionally? What if simply by changing our way of thinking, we could become invulnerable? Let’s face it, there is a lot of money to be made in having us believe we are a vulnerable society. What it’s just by changing certain aspects of our life and our behaviour, we could start to play to our own strengths instead of letting others play into our weaknesses? I’d like to clarify, I’m not saying, its the main aim of advertisements and services to harm us – but is this something we really shouldn’t  be ignoring? 

What are your thoughts & views?

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