Early Morning Thoughts on World Peace



As I lay in bed watching the dawn break,and staring silently into the blue morning sky, I found myself pondering on the issue of world peace & how to achieve it.

Being 17 floors up, is sometimes a great bonus because the only thing I see when I open my eyes is sky.  There is a beautiful kind of silence as the dawn breaks, and these are the best moments for which to gather your thoughts. My thoughts were about world peace and whether or not it’s a possibility or something we can only dream of but never achieve.  Lying there, I found myself acting out a scenario and in my mind, it all works out beautifully. In reality, who knows?

So this is my scenario:

On a certain day at 12.00 noon everyone in every country a cross the globe stops what they are doing and hugs the person standing closest to them. Of  course, 12 noon May, different times of the day in different countries. This means that all over the world there will be people hugging at different times.  After each person has hugged the one standing closest to them, they should then share food together. This is my answer to how we can achieve world peace.   You may be feeling confused, not understanding my thoughts so I’ll explain. If for one moment we can break the link of the chain that keeps us tied into violent & self obsessed thoughts and replace it with actions of love and compassion, it surely becomes harder to pick that gun back up.  We humans are social animals, we need people around us and we need to feel loved and cared for. Over centuries, food and drink have been excellent tools for bringing people together in dialogue & reconciliation.

What are your thoughts? Please like, share and let’s discuss further.

World peace calm cooperation love compassion 


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