Life isn’t as bad as your mind would have you believe

Accepting or acknowledging our own minds may be responsible for the physical pain we’re feeling today can be hard. After all, no one would deliberately consciously choose to be in pain every day surely? Here I’d like to share a real account from one of my recent treatment sessions….

Recently a woman in her late 50s came to see me about pain in her lower back & neck. For 14years she’d tried practically every painkiller known to man (or woman) and was scared of the impact on her body.  So after she made herself comfy, I asked her to tell me about the pain. She looked puzzled and told me “Well it’s just a pain really, I’ve had it for about 15 years and it won’t go away no matter what I do. This pain just keeps coming back ten times worse if I stop the pain killers. My doctor says I’ll need them for the rest of my life”. She wasn’t impressed by my suggestion that we forget about the pain for a moment, and look at something much more important. This being, what actually happened 15yrs ago to create this situation. I could see she was irritated by my suggestion as the only thing on her mind was the pain.  She did decide though to remain in the session, and told me “The pain just happened during that period without any real cause. There’d been no accident, or such thing.”  We spoke at length about her life at that time for example, her job, family life, interests etc. It turned out, around that time she was working as a teacher, but lots of new legislation had placed immense pressure on staff to meet impossible targets and deadlines. At this point she went off sick, never 

returning to teaching because her health declined and she wasn’t able to. This she told me, was when the pain in her back started. It was she said, a slight niggling pain at first. Nothing to obstruct her from getting on with everyday life, but annoying nonetheless. As the years moved on the pain gradually increased, and she found herself restricted in normal day-to-day activities. After the first year of back pain she was prescribed painkillers and has been on them ever since. Like most medications, there’s side effects, and let’s say she wasn’t enjoying them. We talked at length about stress & the impact on physical health, and oddly this woman hadn’t connected the two. She did however tell me how for all those years she’s carried anger deep inside. Anger at the system, her manager, herself – it’s fair to say, she was angry at pretty much everybody so our work that day was around letting go of all that deep rooted rage. It took 45 minutes to change this woman’s outlook on life, not to mention eradicating the pain in her back.

So let’s have a look at the impact of stress on the body .







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