Questions I Dare to Ask

I don’t know about you, but I’m a person who gets their teeth into a topic, and holds on for dear life with the most extreme curiosity. This is almost always the case, when that topic is Spirituality or Religion.

There are questions I need answering, things that just don’t seem to add up. So here I am throwing those questions out into the arena – questions I’m daring to ask. Those who have been following my work will know, as a Buddhist God is not recognised as the creator.  However, I’m in full acceptance, that many religious denominations recognise God in this way and also that my viewpoint may be disproven. So here are my Spiritual dilemmas……

Is God a person or an energy?

I raise this question, because some people say he is a person and refer to him as the father. Others say God is a supreme energy Omnipresent & Omnipotent. Whatever the description of God, many people believe in him as the creator of the universe and everything in it.  But if God created the universe, surely he would have to exist somewhere to do it? Where could this be if he hadn’t yet created the universe? This now brings me on to whether God is a person or an energy. So let’s explore the two in relation to God having created the universe. If God is a person, which seems to be the case for many people even if this person is classed as a celestial being, he’s still referred to as the father. So if God is a person, then he must have been born of a mother or a father. Even if this was not the case and he was created in some other way, there has to be a root cause for his existence. Many people will have heard of cause and effect, the law of causality or the law of karma? This is a very Buddhist thing, but in a nutshell it means that anything which exists must have a root cause. This is the case whether its phenomenon, material or human etc it must have come from somewhere. Anyway back to the God question…..So if God is indeed a person, then he or she must have been born or created from somewhere. Therefore it kind of throws into question God’s creation of the universe. If he was indeed born of parents, they would need to have existed in a universe before God created it if that makes sense? However, some say God isn’t a person, but an energy that’s all around us and inside us. This is an interesting theory, because if God is indeed an energy it also throws into question, his creation of the universe. After all, an energy must exist somewhere in order to manifest. 

So I’m sure you can see my dilemma? But here’s something further to think about… God is believed by many to be both omnipotent and omnipresent. Here are definitions of the two from the Oxford dictionary.

Omnipotent: Having total power; able to do anything – an omnipotent God.

Omnipresent: Present everywhere

So here we have God who is able to be everywhere at the same time, having total power to do anything. So how is this actually possible? And at the risk of cracking that old nutshell once again-why then does he allow such cruelty to happen in the world? Some would say this isn’t God’s will, its man’s will but even if that’s the case, You’d think this loving forgiving source would be horrified to the point of intervention, if only to offer some guidance wouldn’t you?  But let’s say, a logical explanation exists to explain God’s lack

of intervention in some of the terrible atrocities happening around the world, (and there very well could be a logical explanation) this doesn’t really shed any light on my next dilemma. This being, the copious amounts of money collected by representatives of God, in houses of worship. This to me is a huge dilemma, because not only is money believed to be ‘The Root of all Evil’ but also, wasn’t it man’s greed that created such anger in Jesus during biblical times?

As I’m sure my readers will understand, there are certain things about the God concept that really confuse me. So if possible can you please shed some light on these dilemmas to help me better understand.

Please share your comments and let’s have a deep philosophical conversation.






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