Fearing the Worst

Why is it, we always expect things to go badly? Often without any valid reason, our minds jump and attach themselves to the worst possible scenarios. Consider the following examples – Do they sound like you?

You applied for a job that you really want. It’s close to home (only a few minutes walking distance) and great pay. It’s been a week and you still didn’t hear anything. As you check your email obsessively, you figure the application was unsuccessful & you weren’t even shortlisted. (What really happened: Your application is stuck in a pile of several others and hasn’t been looked at yet due to the person selecting, being off sick. 

Your only child leaves hone and you’re left alone in a 2 bed house. As most young people do, they fell in love and got married. Because you were very close, you expect phone calls at least 3 times a day. At first, this pretty much happened but over time as you settled into reinventing yourself and your life, the calls evened themselves out. Now your son/daughter calls once every two days. You notice this and start to feel pushed out & unappreciated and get yourself in a terrible state thinking ‘”What if something happens to me? I’d be lying dead for days here and nobody would notice” (What’s really happened)  your son or daughter is getting on with married life which has to take priority. They haven’t forgotten you, on the contrary how could they? you raise them for most of their life? In reality they’re quite happy you’re getting on with your life and feel really comfortable in leaving you to do that. In your mind you went from feeling pushed out and undervalued, to visualising a possible death scenario.

We put ourselves through so much stress, anxiety, and mental anguish because we dwell constantly on the negative aspects of life – what could go wrong & fearing for the future before things have even happened. Many, even find themselves having to resort to anti – depressant medicines because of it. I’ve often wondered why our minds don’t automatically jump to the positive outcomes instead. Why do we always fear the worst?  What are your thoughts on the subject? I’d love to hear them.


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