Something about Silence

 There’s something about the silent early morning sky, when a sense of peace comparing to nothing else falls upon the Earth.

Some people find only lonliness in solitude but me!  I find this time of day wonderful – a time to ponder or reflect.  Although I find the chirping and tweeting of the little birds an outstanding melodious orchestra of glorious sound, for a millisecond I must confess my annoyance as it punctuate the silence. 

What are your thoughts on silence? Please share & let’s ponder 😊


Silence of dawn both captivating & magical

3 thoughts on “Something about Silence

  1. Hey good to hear from you again. Silence is a good topic. I would say this. Praying is speaking to god, or in our case perhaps the universe, while silence or meditation is listening to or welcoming the answer.

    Your thoughts?



    • Hello there
      Yes I agree with you, it’s a perfect time to reflect, pray or meditate. It’s amazing though how many people are intimidated by silence, maybe because for some, being with the self is painful. Distractions often take us away from what’s ‘really’ happening, whereas silence often reminds us in a very loud way.
      Thanks for your comment


      • “Maybe for some” is an understatement. We surround ourselves purposely with distractions so we do not need to experience this uncomfortable silence. It’s too bad really because we are denying part of our true nature. For some silence is deafening that’s why a meditation practice takes years to slowly habituate ourselves to the silent space between our thoughts.

        Have a great day?


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