Ladies it’s All Happening Here!

Don’t you feel sick & tired of ….well feeling sick & tired?  Have you just had about all you can take of painkillers, side-effects and then more drugs to counteract those side-effects? 

 Ladies I know exactly how you feel! As a therapist, I’m visited by so many women who are trapped in this cycle of pain, discomfort and mental anguish of feeling trapped in the medication system.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to conventional medicine, in fact I’m a supporter of it in the right context. Just recently however I’ve been visited by so many people needlessly caught up in  something which started off as a trivial imbalance and ended up taking them on a really frightening journey.  If this sounds like you, don’t worry because I’m here to help you.  After spending many years coming and going to & from from India, completing various courses in Traditional Indian Health Care and Wellbeing, it seemed only right to bring it back to the UK. So ladies! Here is where it’s all at.  Based in Rochdale Greater Manchester I work by private appointment with ladies like yourself who are struggling with conditions relating to Mental, Physical & Spiritual health imbalance.  Unlike the western philosophy, working in India has taught me the most imbalances and conditions come from the mind and how we perceive the world around us. The emotions we feel around situations, whether they’re positive or negative,  have a huge impact on our physical well-being and vice versa. This is why Indian healthcare or Ayurveda,  it’s such a valuable way to treat people. This form of treatment works with the whole body as a unit for example, in the west if you have a heart problem you go to a cardiologist, a stomach problem you go to a gastroenterologist and so on. in Ayurvedic healthcare however,  we always look at the root of the problem and not the actual symptom. A really good example of this would be with stomach problems were lots of acid has accumulated. It’s really common to accumulate acid when we are feeling stressed, angry or afraid etc.  Of course the diet we eat is a big part of the problem, but unless we deal with the emotion that’s underlying, it makes perfect sense to assume that no diet is going to cure the problem.  Some of you reading this may never of tried traditional Indian treatments before and why should you? It’s very easy to take a painkiller or antacid tablet  but believe me the problem will still be there, you’re only putting a sticking plaster over the top of it. Anyway enough from me, listed below are a range of treatments I offer. Please feel free to contact me by email to book an appointment if you feel you’d like to explore what else is out there.

Please Contact Me by Email for Advice or to Book an Appointment. Due to High Demand Appointments May Take Up to 14 Days

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