If our present suffering is the result of bad karma from a prior life, what is the present cure for suffe

 In a recent conversation with one of my Christian friends, a really important question was raised. It seemed like a perfectly logical thing to ask. 

She asked….. If our present suffering, is the result of past life karma, how can we logically cure it today?       
She quite rightly  pointed out, we can’t touch the past or change it – so it seems like a long shot to believe we can alleviate the suffering we brought from the past. 
When we look at things through a Buddhist eyes however, it’s always a little more complex even though we ourselves work with logic. Anyone, who believes in the process of reincarnation, would probably acknowledge & accept, that the way we live today and the body we occupy, is a result of our past life.  This is also outlined in a very famous Buddhist quote which says….

if you want to know about your past life, look at the body you occupy today, and if you want to know about your next life, examine your mind. 

My friend was looking at the issue from a single perspective. This being, if we are brought here with suffering from our past which we can do nothing about, how can we change it in the present? This quote makes perfect sense, and kind of answers the question beautifully. The remedy  for changing suffering brought from past lives, is changing our mindset and the way we conduct ourselves in this one. 

What are your thoughts on this wonderful subject? 

Please like share and let’s have a conversation.

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