If our present suffering is the result of bad karma from a prior life, what is the present cure for suffe

 In a recent conversation with one of my Christian friends, a really important question was raised. It seemed like a perfectly logical thing to ask. 

She asked….. If our present suffering, is the result of past life karma, how can we logically cure it today?       
She quite rightly  pointed out, we can’t touch the past or change it – so it seems like a long shot to believe we can alleviate the suffering we brought from the past. 
When we look at things through a Buddhist eyes however, it’s always a little more complex even though we ourselves work with logic. Anyone, who believes in the process of reincarnation, would probably acknowledge & accept, that the way we live today and the body we occupy, is a result of our past life.  This is also outlined in a very famous Buddhist quote which says….

if you want to know about your past life, look at the body you occupy today, and if you want to know about your next life, examine your mind. 

My friend was looking at the issue from a single perspective. This being, if we are brought here with suffering from our past which we can do nothing about, how can we change it in the present? This quote makes perfect sense, and kind of answers the question beautifully. The remedy  for changing suffering brought from past lives, is changing our mindset and the way we conduct ourselves in this one. 

What are your thoughts on this wonderful subject? 

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Forgiveness-where does it begin and end?

 Forgiveness, is it the only way forward in our society today? Or simply a week watered-down solution to cover up the cracks that we have no answers to?


This is a discussion often had by religious leaders, about societies were violence is increasing.

Many people in my circle, know that I also for gave the man who murdered my husband back in 2005. Then there’s the inspirational Eva Kor, who lost all her family in the Nazi concentration camps after being horribly tortured & experimented on -but ended up forgiving her publically forgiving her captors. I Believe strongly that we are all victims of something. My husband was the victim of his killer & of his own karma & his killer was also a victim of his own karma, of society & of the values with which he was raised. Of course not everyone will agree with my views, and that’s why these debates are so wonderful. Some people will feel capital punishment is the only way forward, and that getting rid of the perpetrators is the only way to save the world in which we live. Others will be of the view that forgiveness should always prevail…..

Here I have two very powerful questions for debate:

1- what are your views on forgiveness?

2- Is there any real logic in handing out the death penalty to someone who committed murder?

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Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

Today I’m re-posting my latest you tube clip in honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 84th Birthday. I did post it on his 81st Birthday and would you believe it’s been going around all that time? As many will know I qualified as a Laughter Yoga Leader in 2014 and have been running sessions up and down the country. So what is Laughter Yoga? Well it was born in India Mumbai back in 1995 by a medical doctor Madan Kataria. Dr Kataria wanted to look at the connection between joyfulness & good health. After a lot of research and practical work he came up with Laughter Yoga Clubs. I’m not going to talk too much about Dr Kataria’s work but you can find out more on the link below http://laughteryogasalonnyc.com/drkataria.html For now enjoy my video, join in have a good laugh and celebrate life!