Who is the karma judge?


We all have our differing views on life, consequences & whether things in the world happen because of Gods will.  

Buddhism doesn’t recognise God as creator, in fact the Buddha taught we are all responsible for our own thoughts, motivations & actions etc. Everything we do think or say in this life, will determine how we are eventually reborn in the next. In Buddhism, there is no personal God interacting with his creation, who determines whether or not a person has done something to merit either “good” or “bad” Karma? 

So….. Here’s today’s debate question….

If this decision is made at the end of one’s life, who is actually making the decision? How can an impersonal force “decide” anything? Who is the final judge of Karma, and mustn’t this judge by necessity be a personal being (capable of making a decision)?


2 thoughts on “Who is the karma judge?

  1. Once again a great question. I think “In Buddhism, there is no personal God interacting with his creation” should read “In Buddhism, there is a person interacting with his creation” and that person is you and me. Therefor you and I can be the judge and the jury if we like. Karma is very poorly understood in the west and one of the biggest factors is our motivation for the action we did. Good motivation, good result so to speak. There are other factors like doing the thing or having it done as well as being happy with the results. But we are the Judge.



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