Mantra Without Joy is like Autumn Without Leaves

Fortunate enough to have travelled some of the holiest cities in India, one thing has always puzzled me – tourists with such miserable faces. 

This may appear judgemental – it really isn’t meant to. But almost every group of tourists I’ve encountered on my travels through India who’ve come to study meditation etc with a personal Guru, looks absolutely miserable as sin. The men appear to have spent a whole month continuously smoking pot, and the women look like startled rabbits in headlights, painfully thin, and frustrated at not being able to understand what it is they’re meant to do. This naturally brings me to the question where is the joy? Spiritual practice often involves chanting, giving reverence and respect to deities who’s influences help us move forward in life. Therefore joy is a major part of spiritual practice – or at least it should be. Can you imagine how it would feel, if you threw a big birthday party and everyone sang happy birthday as if they were exhausted and couldn’t be bothered even being there? Well it’s pretty much the same thing really.

So here’s today’s little issue for debate ……..

Why do you think, so many people take meditation and mantra so seriously? And do you think it’s appropriate to show joy in such situations?



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