Thoughts About Life…..

We’ve all at some time or other, sat and pondered on the wonders of life & how it began. There are many different perspectives on how we got here. God, The Big Bang, Apes, Dinosaurs etc – they’re all widely debated. Buddhism however, teaches the law of causality – Everything has a root cause and is dependent upon other factors to exist. When it comes to ‘sentient beings’ karma is that root cause. According to Buddhism, how we are born in this life for example, human or animal (Reincarnation) very much determines how our past life was. For example, if in our past life we were greedy and uncaring about others – making no effort to change, it may be we are reincarnated as an animal of some kind. The fundamental difference between animals & humans is the ability to fully understand & exercise morals (What’s right & wrong) 

An animal when it’s hungry will hunt. It pays no attention to the pain of its meal – it’s only desire is to satisfy hunger. When it’s finished the meal,it will curl up and sleep peacefully. If you own a pet dog, you’ll have felt the unconditional love he/she shows. But if by chance you died would your lovely canine friend eventually eat you? Of course he would.

So Buddhism teaches, we are all reborn as a result of past positive/negative karma

But What real evidence do we have that reincarnation is true?


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