Have you noticed how we humans tend to dissect ourselves and put the different parts in clearly labeled boxes? Let me try to explain further…..We often define ourselves by our jobs, religion, position in life etc.


This struck me a couple of days ago whilst running a self awareness & self development workshop. Each person was asked to tell me a little bit about ‘him/herself.’  As each one spoke it struck me, most of us define ourself by things, people & situations around us. For example; I’m a teacher, a mother, husband or wife. I’m a Christian or I work in a high ranking job. But nobody spoke about his or herself as a person. So I set the following exercise:

You’re given weeks to live. Already you’re becoming dependent on those around you for feeding, bathing etc.  Your job has gone now & although you’re missed, you’ve been replaced already.  All the clothes you own, suits, dresses, shoes etc will soon all belong to someone else maybe resold through the charity shop. It’s the same with your husband or wife, they’ll one day share their life with another but right now they’re responsible for your comfort and care.  Deep down in your heart, you know your beautiful children & grandchildren will always remember you through photos, but may very well call someone else mum & grandma in the future. Everything you own, your life savings, the world you thought you knew & the dreams you had, are all relative now as you lay confined to your bed.
All the external things that once defined you have pretty much gone. Who are you?

What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “TOO MANY BOXES

    • Hi there yes I agree we are. It was really strange though, because whilst doing this workshop I got a feeling of dread deep in the pit of my stomach. This was because the thought of actually being in that position, made me realise I haven’t given too much thought about who I truly am as a person. When I initially set this exercise, I did exactly what you did. I used the terms We and Our, always in the objective as if I wasn’t talking about myself but a collective. But then when it came to really thinking about me as an individual, it wasn’t so easy. All I came up with was ‘I’m leaving the world naked as I came into it. My experiences in this life will now determine my rebirth.

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