Happiness! What is it?

Usually I write with a Buddhist slant. That’s because I tend to see the world from a Buddhist perspective but not everyone’s Buddhist & we can all learn from each other….


Out in this great universe, millions of viewpoints & ideas exist about ‘true happiness’ what it is & how we achieve it. Some believe we need religion in our lives to be truly happy. Others believe happiness comes from the things around us for example external or material things. We’ve all got our own thoughts about what makes us happy, and whether that happiness is genuine or not.

Let’s get some of those viewpoints together and start a magical discussion about What Happiness Really Is – In other words……Let’s spread the joy!




5 thoughts on “Happiness! What is it?

  1. Happiness is the joy I see in my daughters eyes when she shows me one of her new artistic creations.

    Happiness is the feeling I have after hiking up a mountain or a pass and I look down at the other side.

    Happiness is the thrill I have driving at 250kmh on the Autobahn.


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    • Yes happiness means so many different things to so many people doesn’t it? To me happiness is stillness if that makes sense? It’s a feeling of complete peace where stress isn’t present for that one beautiful moment either in solitude or with nature.

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      • I can relate to that, but in the spirit of the question I was trying to answer in a non Buddhist way but it is hard after so many years the practice is really everywhere in my life.

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      • I just have to say something funny. I am wallpapering a patch of my bathroom ceiling, and there really is a special place in hell for people who wallpaper ceilings on purpose, but I digress. I like most doityourselfers nowadays look to YouTube for advice, and well the brand of wall paper had this “true happiness lies within” as their slogan. I am not so sure of what that has to do with wall paper, but it sure makes good sense here. Happiness is found within.


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