Who’s Space is it anyway?

Yesterday something profound happened which got me thinking about my own existence in the world. Let me explain….


Whilst meditating, I entered a place of pure clear space (not unusual in meditation I know) but this time it was different. This time I became aware, that the space I entered also exists somewhere.  It’s a little bit like standing by a vast occean and realising you and that occean both exist in the space called earth, which itself exists amongst other planets in the solar system and of course they all exist somewhere too.  It got me thinking about the beginnng of time, where & how the world began and whether anyone really knows. One thing I know for sure – It didn’t start with God.  How can I say this with absolute certainty? Well, for God to have created the universe, he would first himself need to exist somewhere….Do you see where I’m going with this?  If God created the universe, where was he when he did it?

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Space is it anyway?

    • Ahhh that’s a very interesting answer QP. I’ve always pondered on another point too. This being that many people refer to God as the father, insinuating he’s human. If this is the case he could not have created the universe because he would’ve had to be born of parents so that kind of rules out the human aspect. Now if God is indeed an energy which is often explained after people can’t explain the human side of things, that energy would have to exist somewhere in its own space. Everything needs to exist somewhere, so if God was an energy or is an energy, then he would’ve existed in a space and that space would have to have come from somewhere and exist somewhere so therefore God could not have created the universe – it’s a complete impossibility

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