17 Days in Colour – Gold

We all love gold don’t we? Gold plays such an important role in life symbolising wealth & prosperity. We use gold for accessories, to celebrate marriage and to remember those vows on anniversaries but what about the other benefits of this mysterious colour?

12931904 - the solar plexus chakra

The Esoteric/magickal benefits of gold include absolute authority, (self)confidence, creativity, perfection, solar energies, male energy, financial riches, investments, luxury, winning, worldly power, magickal power, overcoming bad habits/addictions. So in a nutshell the colour gold symbolises strength & control. But there’s more to this amazing colour and it isn’t what you’d expect. Whilst gold symbolises self confidence & authority, dominating it is the exact opposite. Many people who choose gold to wear, do so to make a statement & to be seen. It’s almost like ‘wearing a visibility jacket because without it you wouldn’t be quite as obvious.’ People favouring gold accessories & clothing often feel the need to shine having spent too long in the shadow of others, whether it be siblings or others.
Because Gold preference is all about image & the need to belong, it’s strongly connected to the solar plexus or Manipura Chakra. This is the point just above the navel representing attachment to old beliefs, ideals or materialism.


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