Those Unexplainable Moments

Throughout our lives, we all experience things we simply can’t explain. Like thinking about someone only for them to call that very day. Or Visiting somewhere for the first time but knowing you’ve been before….


But where do these experiences come from? In Buddhism it’s believed they come from Karmic imprints. For example, from episodes of our past lives which we brought to this one along with our Subtle Consciousness. According to Buddhism, we have 2 main levels of consciousness concerned with rebirth. These are Gross Consciousness (The things we know in this life from experience. Our family, our job and where we live etc) Also our Subtle Consciousness – The things we learn but don’t actually experience. For example, we know India is a hot country – we may not have been to India but information, pictures, and people describe it so we form the picture. We know we feel happy when learning new languages because we’re good at it – not nescessarily because we like the language. When we’re reborn, Buddhists believe it’s the subtle consciousness we carry with us and we leave behind the gross consciousness.  But we aren’t all Buddhists! We all have these experiences and different viewpoints about why.

What strange experiences have you had? And how do you explain them?




4 thoughts on “Those Unexplainable Moments

    • Wow I just read your post and that was some experience. I absolutely do believe you, somehow and I don’t know why or how but we are lifted outside our physical body to a place where we can regain strength. I had a very similar experience to yours in 2005. My longtime partner was murdered and after that my body just seem to be drained of energy with all the grief and pain. I started getting a lot of water infections, and to cut a long story short I found myself in bed unable to get up because of the pain I was experiencing. If you’ve ever had water infection, youll know that the pain is excruciating and at this point, mixed with grief the pain was so much I wanted to give up. I hadn’t slept for days, but somehow this particular time I managed to drift off. As I slept I became aware of being surrounded by what I can only describe as theatre nurses. They surrounded my bed and escorted me across the landing to the toilet where they sat me down and I seemed to pass out a kind of large piece of meat. I was then taken back to bed where I had a dream. In my dream I was travelling on a minibus and was talking to the driver. I asked where we were going, and he replied Afghanistan. As I looked through the windscreen I could see the most beautiful sunset but the driver’s voice was getting more like an echo in the distance. As I looked at this sunset I could see a white horse with what appeared to be wings, flying just above the horizon. Riding the horse, was a half naked man with long flowing brown hair, a moustache & beard unlike anybody I’d seen before. I now know from research, it looked like Archangel Michael. I’ve never really been a believer in angels especially relating to saints etc but the picture I found of Archangel Michael was pretty much identical to the man in my dream. Anyway in a nutshell I woke from my sleep completely pain-free, I got out of bed and was able to move on ahead with my day.

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