What’s Your Story?

We’ve all wondered at sometime -Where did it all begin?


At school, we’re told its apes – then it’s dinosaurs, not to mention a Big Bang somewhere in space & then God. But where do we come from? Could we have evolved from Amimals? For me, the possibility of originating from apes or any other kind of animal is not possible. As humans we have different levels of consciousness. For example: When an animal is hungry, it hunts, kills and eats.  During this feeding frenzy, it has no comprehension of the pain or fear its prey is subject to. The animal’s only concern, is feeding it’s hunger.  Then with blood around its mouth, it will curl up and sleep peacefully until the next desire to feed arises. Humans on the other hand have a different level of consciousness & understand compassion, right & wrong etc. They understand,  if we kill it will cause pain to another person or animal. This is why most humans don’t act in the way the animal does.  Just like the animal, some humans eat meat but usually cook it. We don’t have the same primal instinct the animal does.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. That’s a really interesting take actually Baffledmum and I’ve found myself pondering it many times but I can’t help reaching the same conclusion – Criminals who show no compassion do still have the ability to understand right from wrong. I agree completely, they don’t act as if they have any moral compass, but in actual fact criminals as human beings, still have the ability to know hurting another person is wrong and with have a long term impact. They also have the consciousness to understand their actions have repercussions ie prosecution etc. Which is why they try not to get caught.
    Animals on the other hand, don’t care where they attack as long as they satisfy a desire to feed. They dont care who sees them or whether they hunt in packs. So I’m still of the belief, humans and animals are completely seperate in thought processes.


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