Insomnia – 5 Biggest Mistakes & How You Can Conquer it!!

Are you struggling to sleep? Do you go to bed and find yourself completely wired? Here are 5 common mistakes!

1- Grabbing a Coffee: Coffee is top of the list of things NOT TO DO when managing stress related insomnia. Coffee increases adrenaline which in turn, speeds everything up making us more tense and wired.
2- Going online: If stress is affecting your sleep, the worst thing you can do is log on to social networking sites. More often than not you’ll get into chats that stimulate the mind. What you should be doing, is calming it.
3- Snacking: If stress is keeping you awake, late night snacking is the worst thing to do. Most food nowadays contain sugar which will provide energy as opposed to relaxing you. If the stress is through the day, snacking can become addictive hence piling on the pounds.
4- Getting stuck into office work: Often work related stress is the reason we can’t sleep. Although he working day is over, the mind needs to unwind. Picking up that work at night, will increase stress levels.
5- Switching on the TV: Pretty much like going on line, TV stimulates the mind. Most often when we turn on the TV, it’s to at home something we enjoy. Being in this zone, stimulates the pleasure centre part of the brain (the Amygdala) which releases seratonin . Seratonin is known as the body’s natural happy chemical – something you don’t need pumping around when you’re trying to sleep.

How Ayurveda Explains Stress

According to Ayurveda, stress is related to the balance of our three vital energies, or doshas – VATA PITT and KAPHA. Our lifestyle usually determines how harmoniously these doshas function. Maintaining them in good balance, especially in the face of everyday stresses, is like constantly fine-tuning a radio in bad weather to be able to get a clear signal. There are lots of things we can do to manage stress properly – thus being more relaxed at night. For example, something as simple as keeping your feet warm in cold weather will make your Vata dosha feel balanced. If you avoid eating revery day, you will make your Kapha dosha calmer. If you drink water throughout the day, your Pitta dosha will be happy. If you take the time to eat a good lunch, you will calm down all your doshas.
What to Do About Everyday Stress
Western life seems more stressful than anywhere else in the world. Demanding jobs, Competitive Economy & Meeting Targets & Deadlines dominate our lives. Even though this is true, when we’re trying to improve things we must look carefully at where our stresses are originating. Are the factors more external or internal for example? Whilst the above explain external factors, Internal factors include things like lack of sleep, loss of appetite, bad digestion, low self-esteem, or a pessimistic attitude toward life.  The good thing is, all of these things are controllable & nature offers two basic options: fight, or flight. For most, fight is not really an option. We give in to depression & stress when the challenge is to tackle things head on. Here’s how you can do it!!!
Talk About It – Get the stress out by talking. Record yourself and play it back. Write yourself a letter as if you were a second person receiving the letter from someone else then advise on the dilemmas.
Make a Checklist: Write down the tasks for the following day and when you go into work, complete these before anything. This will give a sense of accomplishment and reduce tension.
Turn off Mobile, laptops & TV at mealtimes.
You’re probably asking yourself ‘what are mealtimes?’ Most of us eat on the go but here’s how to change things. Allow time to eat your food in silence & taste each bite. Chew slowly and savour all those wonderful flavours you’ll be amazed.
Turn to Nature: Bring more herbs into your life. Grow them on your windowsill, or start a herb garden — most herbs grow wonderfully well in containers. Brew herbal teas and sip slowly. Take a bath using essential oils like lavender, chamomile or jasmine.
Before Bed: Make sure the room is well ventilated and put a few drops of lavender on your pillow or around the room. Don’t be distracted by iPads or tv and make the space sleep friendly.


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