3 INCREDIBLY EASY TIPS – For Healthier Bowels!

Who loves a good Poo? Come on! You know you do.

But  who knew,  squatting when we do a number 2 is healthier than sitting on our lovely comfy toilet seat?   Evidence has shown, elevating the knees during our morning poo, helps the contents pass through much more easily.  Sitting creates a situation where we have to force things out. Of course this causes problems like piles (haemorrhoids) and  other physical health problems .   Here are MY TOP 3 TIPS for better bowel health –  Try them and if they work for you, please like – comment and share them around!

TIP 1 –  don’t hold it in! When you need to go to the loo, just go. Holding your poo inside will create a situation where it squashes together and becomes more solid, therefore making it more difficult to pass.

TIP 2 –  Put a small footstool under your feet when you sit on the loo, this makes your knees higher than your bum creating a situation where your rectum is straight. This helps things pass through a lot easier.

TIP 3 – Don’t get off the loo until your bowel feels completely empty.

imageHappy pooing!