We all get ill, it’s a natural part of  life. It goes hand in hand with the aging process too.  But alongside illness should come cure or at least alleviation from pain & discomfort. So why do we Westerners seem to be getting sicker? Evidence by the Department of Health states….

Stress is believed to account for over 30 per cent of sickness absence in the NHS, costing the service £300-400 million per year. The latest NHS annual survey found that 30 per cent of NHS staff reported that they had suffered from work related stress. nhsemployers.org

As a Traditional Indian Healer, I’m visited all the time by women with a range of stress related & physically debilitating illness.  Most have been medicated for years with little improvement. Here I’ve put together 5 IN YOUR FACE reasons why!

1- WORDING – Crazy as it might sound, the way we word things has a massive impact. I’ve got arthritis or “That’s it now! The doctor says I’m diabetic” The moment we begin

to use words like ‘I’ve got or I’m’ we’ve owned the illness, gave it permission to be there.

2- CONDITIONING – It’s easy to become conditioned to the cycle of taking medication and dealing with their side effects.

3- NEGATIVE BELIEF SYSTEMS – This goes hand in hand with conditioning. We believe we are sick and aren’t going to get better. Then we become conditioned to the cycle of medication.

4- ABSENCE OF JOY – Trivial as it might seem, the absence of joy in our life can actually hinder our recovery from illness or even exacerbate it. Surround yourself with enjoyable things such as music or art – in fact anything you enjoy is perfect for keeping you well. When we’re happy, the brain releases seratonin (or our natural happy chemical) immediately boosting out immune system and lifting mood.

5- LACK OF CURIOSITY– There are many ways to heal the mind and body but you must be curious. There’s no point waiting until you’re under the chemical cosh when it’s too late!  Be curious, look around and try different holistic therapies & treatments. If at the end, you choose prescribed medicine that’s great but you owe it to yourself to shop around.



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