3 Key Ways to Combat P.T.S.D

PTSD Can affect anyone at any time after the event of trauma. There’s no evidence to suggest who might be more susceptible to the condition and who won’t. What is suggested however, is those who react to the trauma as it happens,  may be less likely to get it. Here I’m going to give an easy explanation of what happens in PTSD & 3 Great Tips to combat the symptoms.

imageSo first lets understand the brain and how it’s affected. As you’ll see there are 3 main parts, the Conscious Brain – This is what we experience now. You’re using your conscious brain to take in this information as you read. Then there’s the Subconscious Brain – This part reacts to

stimuli. For example, it stores information that’s surfaced from the unconscious brain but it doesn’t bring it into the now until something triggers it.  The Unconscious Brain is like a filing cabinet stored deep in the brain. It stores information until the subconscious receives stimuli and sends a message ‘it’s safe to release’ this is when we become more conscious of things. So let’s look at an example… You witness a terrible car accident but at the time it’s too horrible to get your head around. You turn and walk the other way and try to get on with your day as normal. Slowly you forget what you saw and get on with your life. 4 weeks later you’re walking down the street and hear a car skidding. Suddenly you break out into a sweat, panic and struggle to breathe, terrified of what might happen. This is a real indicator of PTSD. You consciously witnessed an accident, you tucked the information away in the unconscious brain so you could survive. Then you got on with your life as normal and your mind relaxed. A month later you hear a similar noise and it stimulates the subconscious, which sends a message that it’s ok to release that fear. So how can we combat it? HERES MY 3 KEY TIPS: *Realise you’re not going crazy! PTSD is nothing more than your brain’s NORMAL reaction to an ABNORMAL situation. * Understand how the brain works, and why you feel the way you do. * Remember! You don’t need to run for anti depressants at the first sign of PTSD. Your mind is a powerful tool and  can help you conquer this without developing an addiction too.

please see the section on Other Techniques to find out about Trancendental meditation.




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