Why You’re the Best Friend You’ll Ever Have!

imageWe’ve all got one friend who’ll stomp on our great ideas without a thought – you know the one don’t you?  That moment when we get a brilliant idea about making life better, more exciting & fulfilling.  We tell our friend but their reaction – ‘Are you crazy?’ ‘You’ll never be able to do that’ ‘where’s the money coming from?’ Suddenly your idea lost its spark.  It’s an awful feeling but ask yourself this……How often have you done the very same things to yourself? Had a great idea and talked yourself out of it because of self doubt? This is why making friends with ourself is the first step to finding true happiness. BSeriously! It’s so important to see yourself as the strong beautiful courageous woman you are.  So here’s to the beginning of your amazing journey.

1. Stand naked in front of the mirror and observe your body.  All the lumps bumps and stretch marks.  (As a

warrior you’ll soon see them as battle scars gained like medals through years of toil but for now, just observe).    2. Do this for a week, each morning as you look in the mirror tell yourself “This is me, I’m amazing to still be here after all I’ve seen” Now thank your body for not giving up on you.  See how your relationship with your body changes after a few weeks.  I’d love to hear your feedback please let me know how you get on! Also please LIKE SHARE & COMMENT


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