imageIt doesn’t matter who we are,  at sometime or other in our life we all experience negative self belief. It isn’t a mental health problem, but something ingrained in us throughout our life.   For example, you’re all dressed up for a job interview and then you think to yourself “why on earth would anyone want to employ me? I don’t even look the part “you try to go on a diet and do you think to yourself, “what’s the point? It never works” now I’ve just been reading the most fantastic book called the ‘Happiness Trap’ by Russ Harris, and in it he talks about a really good way of detaching ourselves from these negative belief patterns.  Let’s give it a try! Think about a negative thing you always tell yourself.  For example, I’ll never lose weight I’ve tried it before.   Now take a few

minutes and put these words in front of your negative thoughts ….. (I’m thinking)  now, your negative belief becomes-I’m thinking I’ll never lose weight, I’ve tried it before.   Say it a few times to yourself, and now try putting these words before your negative phrase …. (I recognise).  So your negative belief now becomes, I recognise I’m thinking I will never lose weight I’ve tried it before .   Now do you see how different your negative belief feels? You’ve broken the link between self-doubt and taking a step back to see things from a clearer perspective. Another really good way Russ Harris talks about  breaking the negative self- belief cycle, is to sing your negative thought to the tune of happy birthday go on try it!   Can you see how your negativity has moved even further away? This is a brilliant tip for getting rid of self-doubt.

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