Over the past decade or so, Mindfulness has become a  buzzword for anything to do with health and wellbeing. But what exactly is it? And why should it sometimes be treated with caution?
The word Mindfulness means ‘using the mind fully in all aspects of our daily lives.’ Bringing our awareness to the present moment to see things clearly, imagerealistically and not magnify our problems to be bigger than they really are. When we overthink things, our anxieties and stress levels are ¬†heightened and 1 way of managing this is through the practice of Mindful Meditation. This helps us prepare the mind to adapt itself to a mindful way of living & perception. Preparation is the most important part of Mindfulness practice yet it’s also the most forgotten. Let’s not forget, for years we’ve been fantastic teachers of getting the mind to think a million thoughts at once. To expect it to flick back to peace and tranquility in a heartbeat seems quite ridiculous. This is why preparing the mind takes time & effort.
Now all this sounds beautiful, if you happen to live

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