Having problems meditating? Let’s work through this together with some great tips!


TIP 1 – Don’t try to clear the mind!

You’re probably reading this post, because you’ve tried to meditate and it’s all gone horribly wrong, am I right?  Its okay I know where you’re coming from 😉 & we’re going to sort this out together.   Part of the problem is, over the years you’ve become a great teacher of how to make your mind be in several places at once.  Don’t worry we all do it, it’s human nature. But its quite presumptions to expect it to calm down in just one or two sessions don’t you think?  So the first tip is don’t try and clear the mind  and here’s why.  When we try to quieten the mind, it rebels and tries to come back into its usual pattern.  It sounds crazy but the mind actually goes into a kind of shock when you suddenly quieten it down. Don’t forget! it’s been conditioned by you   to  get the kids ready for school, get yourself ready for work, think what you’re going to have for tea that evening, what you’re going to say to your boss that day etc.  In a nutshell, your mind’s on the go all the time.  Here’s how to get it right!  Find a quiet space

where you’re not going to be disturbed for at least 10 minutes.  Get yourself comfortable and just focus on the breath. Don’t change the way you breathe but just be aware of how the breath feels as it enters and leaves your nostrils. Be aware of how the chest and abdominal muscles move as you inhale and exhale.  Just sit and be at one with the breath, and if thoughts enter your mind as they probably will, acknowledge them  but don’t give them too much thought-simply let them pass. When the next thoughts enter your mind which they probably will, do the same again. Remember! Meditation isn’t about clearing the mind of thoughts, it’s about training the mind not to be dominated by them.  I hope this first tip has being of help. Please look out for more daily tips and also YouTube clips where you can find out more about how to meditate successfully.

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