One thing I am really passionate about as a massage healer, is the quality of my oils. There’s nothing worse than preparing your oils ready for a treatment, only to find the strength & aroma aren’t right. I’ve been blessed over the years, to visit India regularly & buy my oils from Rishikesh where the quality is second to none but recently, I’ve been shopping around the Western markets and you may find the reviews helpful.

Here are 3 different brands of Rosewood oil but with very different qualities, healing properties and aromas. My favourite is most definitely the katseye blend with its sweet floral aroma. The bottle says it’s 100% pure undiluted and unadulterated. For what you pay it’s pretty much good value. In fact I’d go so far as to say the whole range is great value From £5.99 on ebay –  8/10


Next is the Fresh Skin Rosewood oil. Even though it’s rosewood, the aroma is very very different. This oil has a more woody peppery aroma, alongside it’s floral undertone. Thiswouldn’t be my personal choice for a blend of Rosewood but everyone’s preference is different. The Fresh Skin range of oils are good value for money and I’d give them – 6/10 From £3.69 on ebay


Finally comes the nikura rosewood oil which I have to say I didn’t like very much at all. Its floral aroma is faint and not really what I’d expect to find in a good quality oil. From a personal preference, this range won’t make it to my healing room. From £2.90 on ebay – 4/10


Usually when it comes to Rose Oil you get what you pay for. As most massage therapists and healers will know, Rose can be quite expensive. If you go to India & buy it from Rishikesh at the Himalayan shops, you’ll get impeccable quality for amazing prices but here, this little gem from Holland and Barrett is a really good alternative. Its pungent, sweet and heady with a really pure sent of rose. This is one I’d really recommend! From £5.50  – 8/10


Here we have a reasonably priced bottle of Lemon Balm oil by Botanist, but I have to say I’m not impressed on the whole. Again the aroma in Botanist oils seem subtle & diluted and this particular lemon balm smells more like lemon oil. Several of the range I’ve tried seem to have the same issue around the aroma and healing properties. Sorry! Not for me. From £4.99 on ebay – 3/10


Now we move on to the Tea Tree oil by Espee. This I found to be the poorest quality of all the oils I’ve bought, and quite overpriced. It doesn’t smell very much like Tea tree and its healing qualities aren’t the same so I don’t rate this highly at all I’m afraid. I’ve tried several other oils in this range and wasn’t impressed with any. From £5.99 on ebay -2/10

The Oilvedic range, I have found to be of extremely high quality. The aromas are strong & pungent as you would expect them to be. The healing properties are powerful and effective for the conditions in which they’re meant to be applied. Very highly recommended and reasonably priced. Highly recommended for the shelf of any good healing room. From £4.96 on ebay – 9/10


My overall favourites, have to be the Tisserand range. Beautifully blended, extremely powerful in healing work and they smell exactly as you would expect them to smell.
This range of oils should in my professional view have a place in every good healing room and I’d recommend them every time. From £7.99 on ebay – 10/10




  1. If you’re a healer through massage, you and your customer deserve the best oils. These are my top choices of essential oils I hope you find the review helpful. If you’ve got any others that you can promote please let me know, I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions.


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