MEDITATION PROBLEMS? Let’s Work Through it Together. Tip 6 – Preparation

imageRemember! your meditation practice is a spiritual discipline so preparation is really important. Always wash & go to the toilet before entering the meditation room. If the body is clean, the mind will be clean.
Good luck! Let me know how you get on
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MEDITATION PROBLEMS? Let’s Work Through it Together. Tip 5 – Sitting or Lay down?

  • Meditation is a discipline so laying down shouldn’t really be an option – unless physical issues prevent it of course. Sit upright with the back straight, (against a wall if you need to) legs crossed & hands gently rested on the lap – palms upward one over the other. This posture symbolises strength (The Unmovable Mountain) Tilt the head slightly forward chin towards the chest but not obstructing the breath -Tongue rested on the roof of the mouth & lips slightly open. Slightly open the eyes and gently rest your gaze to a point ahead.

           Good Luck! Let me know how you get on.

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MEDITATION PROBLEMS? Let’s Work Through it Together. Tip 4 – Don’t Stress!

imageThe last thing you need when trying to meditate is stress. So don’t get wound up if you don’t get it first time. Meditation is something we need to perfect before we see the benefits in our lives. Even the most experienced meditators sometimes find it hard to focus – struggling isn’t failure!  Don’t give up! Go away and come back to it – there’s no rush.
Good Luck – Let me know how you get on!
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Meditation problems? Let’s solve them together! Tip 3 – Know What You’re Doing

image When you first start meditating, it’s important to understand what you’re actually doing. This should actually have been Tip 1 because it’s so important. Don’t assume others know and understand their practice just because they’re sitting in meditation. Be responsible for your own development and take 15 minutes out of your day everyday to perfect your practice. Meditation is about training the mind not to be dominated by your thoughts. When the mind is dominated by our thoughts, negative emotions arise.  If you find yourself too busy to take 15 minutes from your day-you need to think about changing your routine. There’s an ancient Zen Buddhist saying which goes like this…….

Just 15 minutes of meditation every day is all you need to change your life-but if you’re too busy take an hour.

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Meditation Problems? Let’s Solve Them Together – Tip 2 – Quality not Quantity

                 imageTip 2 -Quality not Quantity
Possibly the best meditation tip you’ll ever get. Yesterday we discussed overcoming the restless mind in meditation. Today let’s discuss barriers.
There’s absolutely no need to sit for long periods meditating (at least not until you become more comfortable with it.) When we first start out, it feels great telling friends how we can sit for an hour – in reality, its probably achieving nothing. This was me many years ago but not anymore!
10 to 15 minutes each day is all you need, providing the quality is good. What do I mean by quality?  Your meditation must have a purpose whether it’s breath work, just being present, cultivating loving compassion or meditating on world peace, there must be a focus. Good luck! and let me know how you get on.

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Having problems meditating? Let’s work through this together with some great tips!

imageTIP 1 – Don’t try to clear the mind!

You’re probably reading this post, because you’ve tried to meditate and it’s all gone horribly wrong, am I right?  Its okay I know where you’re coming from 😉 & we’re going to sort this out together.   Part of the problem is, over the years you’ve become a great teacher of how to make your mind be in several places at once.  Don’t worry we all do it, it’s human nature. But its quite presumptions to expect it to calm down in just one or two sessions don’t you think?  So the first tip is don’t try and clear the mind  and here’s why.  When we try to quieten the mind, it rebels and tries to come back into its usual pattern.  It sounds crazy but the mind actually goes into a kind of shock when you suddenly quieten it down. Don’t forget! it’s been conditioned by you   to  get the kids ready for school, get yourself ready for work, think what you’re going to have for tea that evening, what you’re going to say to your boss that day etc.  In a nutshell, your mind’s on the go all the time.  Here’s how to get it right!  Find a quiet space

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