‘AHIMSA’ The Voice of Spirituality


imageThe FREE monthly magazine where Healers & Lightworkers Connect with those in need of a ‘different & more spiritual  intervention’. Advertising in Ahimsa is absolutely free. If you’ve got workshops coming up, events or even if you’d like to advertise your own business, Ahimsa is the place to do it.  Simply get in touch with me on Facebook or by email at Kelly_Julie 1@sky.com with some background

about your work, plus a few pictures and I’ll advertise it. The word AHIMSA originates from Hindu/Buddhist tradition, its meaning – Non Violence. There has never been a more appropriate time to bring out a magazine like this. With stress levels rising, and people being too busy to even catch their breath, it’s little wonder there’s so much sickness in Western society today.  Non nviolence doesn’t only mean stopping the fight with other countries, ie. war. Non violence means refraining from being violent and hurting oneself-something we Westerners fail miserably at. I really hope you enjoy the magazine which will be available on the 1st March 2018

To Subscribe & Get Your Monthly Edition in a Hassle Free Way ….Go to the ‘LEAVE REPLY’ box & Type SUBSCRIBE 


4 thoughts on “‘AHIMSA’ The Voice of Spirituality

  1. to find yourself and your mind, you need to unburden oneself of all the bias sown, and everyday we are reminded of the bias. So often, words are framed to cause as much anxiety as possible, amen.


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