Where is the Mind? Join this month’s spiritual debate!!

Every day we hear about ‘The Power of the Mind’ but where is it?  Whilst the brain is easily found – It’s unlikely even the greatest surgeon would be able to find the mind so where is it? Let’s debate! All comments go in this month’s magazine.



The Big Spiritual Debate – Where Is The Mind?

Hi readers,

In this month’s edition of Ahimsa, I’ll be adding your comments on the big debate question – where is the mind?? Unlike the brain, if a surgeon operated he/could not locate your mind so where is it located?? SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS & LET’S DEBATE!!



Many people question why we use mantras and what’s their purpose? Mostly we use mantra for two reasons. The first is to give devotion  to our gurus and the 2nd to ask for help and support in our everyday lives. Mantras have great spiritual benefits and when we chant them they can help transform the mind. Many people find the chanting mantras daily really helps with difficult situations  and also with clearing the mind in preparation for meditation. Here are some mantras that you may find useful.

Manjushri Mantra: Perfect for those in Education or Study of any kind

Oṃ A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhīḥ

Manjushri is a Bodhisattva who represents wisdom, and his mantra also symbolizes that quality. He holds a sword

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‘AHIMSA’ The Voice of Spirituality


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