Wave goodbye to the pain of fibromyalgia with Ayurveda

imageFibromyalgia: In Fibromyalgia as with rheumatoid arthritis, AMA is a main element that causes the ailment. This doesn’t mean the conditions are the same, but it does mean they have the same root cause.  Ama is the build up of toxic waste from undigested food. Udvartana (powder or warm oil massage) reduces kapha (access mucus) and ama of the body, so it  can be the best therapy for reducing symptoms and inflammation of the joints and muscles.
Udvartana is a beautifully relaxing but incredibly therapeutic massage that is traditional to Indian healthcare. Udvartana does not resemble conventional massage at all. It’s correct name Ruksha Udvartana is more advantageous in the ailment such as rigidity with feeling of heaviness, joint tenderness with redness, etc.
Udvartana is an amazing treatment for the alleviation of symptoms & sometimes cure of Fibromyalgia.


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