Ayurveda & The Power of Touch


Before we understand a single word, we understand and recognize physical touch from others. A baby can distinguish a mother’s arms wrapped around him from a strangers arms. Children explore the world with their hands & mouth before they become aware of their eyes and ears. They recognise a gentle touch can offer comfort, a soft nudge directs them from harm etc. These lessons stay with us, even though we tend to ignore or deny them as adults.
Nonverbal communication is highly studied in psychology, looking at body language and non-word sounds etc. Only recently has touch been added to the list, but scientists are discovering that we lean on our first language more than we thought. Every

embrace, quick hug, high-five, smack, fist bump, or caress conveys powerful emotions.  We should also perhaps work on using this skill more often. Research has shown that brain size in babies can differ greatly depending on how much nurturing and touch they receive. These babies simply fail to develop the spatial awareness they should early on, and they wind up less emotionally healthy too. Touch also deepens bonds between friends, family, and lovers. This is why when the women who come to see me receive the full body massage treatments, they often experience a whole range of emotions and feelings. The impact of physical touch, can penetrate deep into the human psyche. Sometimes taking us subconsciously back to our childhood, bringing up the feelings and sensations of being in the womb Or nurtured by our mothers. Physical touch is significant in so many ways, for example anyone who knows a visually impaired person, will also know that they tend to rely on touch to work out in the mind what a person looks like, what the facial features are. It is through physical touch that the brain is able to process information that the person needs. This is a fantastic example of the connection between the brain and what happens with physical touch and massage.  It’s also very important when we think about the impact of physical touch, to consider culture. In the west, when the baby is born and takes his first breath in the world what happens to him? He gets slapped on the bottom to make him cry or at least rubbed quite vigorously to bring that first breath. This is his first experience of physical touch, very different from say a baby born in a more spiritual culture such as India where he/she may be massaged and nurtured etc. Traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage works to connect the mental physical & spiritual health of people who experience it. It has a deep healing power that goes far beyond western medicine. In order to appreciate the immensely powerful benefits of this ancient Indian system of healthcare, you have to try it for yourself. If this is something you would like to do please contact me to arrange an appointment or have a free no obligation chat.

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