Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage Healing


Spirituality plays a key part of everything I do, in my work & private live. Usually when I’m undertaking a massage healing session, energies are channelled which in turn help to guide and assist in the healing that I provide.
The gift of healing is a peculiar and complex thing. It’s difficult to explain how it works or how I am able to provide this. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty, is that those who come to visit me find it makes a difference.
My work is deeply influenced by Hindu and Indian philosophy, and Ayurvedic massage still remains India’s oldest traditional form of healthcare.
Ayurveda is unique, because unlike western medicine it works with the body as a

whole unit. For example, it’s a little bit like a circuit board- when one small wire of
Managethe circuit is broken, the whole circuit board malfunctions. This is what it’s like with the body, when we’re feeling emotionally unbalanced then physically we feel unwell and vice versa. Western medicine tends to categorise things quite a lot. For example if we have emotional problems we will probably go to a psychologist, if we have pains or aches in our body, we will probably go to a pain clinic so you see, everything is treated as separate. In Ayurveda however, the aim is to replenish, reconnect & nurture Physical, Mental & Spiritual health.
There’s also something very interesting to be said about massage. The sense of touch can release a whole range of emotions and sensations throughout the body. Often these emotions and sensations are the very things that are holding us back in life.
Some women who visit me have said, that when they are massaged they feel a great sense of nurturing, almost like the mother child experience. For others however, physical connection through massage has provided a great sense of emotional release resulting in women often crying for little reason. Either way, the massage process is a beautifully healing experience. If you feel like trying something a little bit different to improve your health, lift your mood, or simply because you want to take some well-deserved time out for yourself, please contact me and arrange an appointment.


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