Let’s Blog About It!

It’s always great when we hear about something new happening in our community. It gives me a real buzz to hear that somebody stepped outside the box  and used their skills for the greater good. Don’t you just love hearing about things like this?  Well most of us do, but would you believe that not too long ago somebody created a newspaper  telling only good news and do you know what happened? Nobody bought it. This is why I decided to put this blog out there. So let me start by telling you what I’m doing, then I’d love to hear your stories and comments.   So at the moment, I run my own practice here in Rochdale Greater Manchester with women who are going through different health problems. I spent a long period of time in India studying traditional Indian healthcare (Ayurveda) and so this is the method I use.  You can find my details below about my work but now it’s your turn, why not post your stories and what you’re doing in the world to make life easier and brighter.  Can’t wait to hear from you!







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