Top Tip for Reducing Anxiety


We all experience anxiety from time to time, but sometimes it feels like we are losing control. Most of you will know exactly what I’m talking about, that moment where you’re so overwhelmed you can’t catch your breath. Heat can be a big factor, you feel like you’re suffocating – well here’s a really valuable tip to reduce it instantly.  Sit down and cup your hands loosely over your nose and mouth as if it were an oxygen mask.  Breathe in slowly counting to 7 and then out slowly to the count of 11. Repeat this 3 times and your anxiety will reduce.

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Combat Arthritis With Ayurveda


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), amavata in Ayurveda, is an autoimmune disease causing chronic inflammation of the joints and tissues around the joints, and in other organs. Auto-immune diseases are illnesses that occur when the body’s tissues are mistakenly attacked by their own immune system. Because it can affect multiple other organs of the body, RA is referred to as a systemic illness. The 2016 market research report classifies RA under inflammatory arthritis. About one of every five people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis get lumps on their skin called rheumatoid nodules. This occurs in four stages and can be diagnosed with blood tests, medical history

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Bring Down the Blood Pressure With Ayurvedic Massage


Hypertension or high blood pressure, affects one in three adults in the UK.
Many lifestyle factors contribute to hypertension, including cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of regular exercise, an unhealthy diet and being overweight. Usually, blood pressure tablets are used to try and bring the pressure down to an acceptable level. Stopping smoking, cutting down alcohol, regular exercise & losing weight can help, but there’s also another key factor in regulating blood pressure – Stress. Stress is one of the biggest killers in the UK, and an increasing number of people are now turning to massage as an immediate & effective stress reliever. A study looking at the effects of Ayurvedic Massage for people with hypertension, showed a significant decreases in both diastolic and

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Ayurveda & Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. As well as widespread pain, people with fibromyalgia may also have: increased sensitivity to pain. fatigue (extreme tiredness) muscle stiffness.  Often painkillers – although great in the long-term, will keep you stuck in the cycle of dependency. Once your body develops a tolerance to the pain relief, you need something stronger and so on. After all this, your Fibromyalgia remains the same.  Indian Ayurvedic Massage is gentle, nurturing moving deep into the affected tissue. If you’ve become disillusioned with your usual path of pain relief why not compliment it with Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage.

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Ayurveda & The Power of Touch


Before we understand a single word, we understand and recognize physical touch from others. A baby can distinguish a mother’s arms wrapped around him from a strangers arms. Children explore the world with their hands & mouth before they become aware of their eyes and ears. They recognise a gentle touch can offer comfort, a soft nudge directs them from harm etc. These lessons stay with us, even though we tend to ignore or deny them as adults.
Nonverbal communication is highly studied in psychology, looking at body language and non-word sounds etc. Only recently has touch been added to the list, but scientists are discovering that we lean on our first language more than we thought. Every

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Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage Healing


Spirituality plays a key part of everything I do, in my work & private live. Usually when I’m undertaking a massage healing session, energies are channelled which in turn help to guide and assist in the healing that I provide.
The gift of healing is a peculiar and complex thing. It’s difficult to explain how it works or how I am able to provide this. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty, is that those who come to visit me find it makes a difference.
My work is deeply influenced by Hindu and Indian philosophy, and Ayurvedic massage still remains India’s oldest traditional form of healthcare.
Ayurveda is unique, because unlike western medicine it works with the body as a

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The Spirituality of Ayurvedic Massage By Julie Kelly

Ayurvedic massage is a form of massage reaching all the internal organs and tissues. Whilst very soothing and comforting, it also allows the detoxifying process to take place to a far greater degree than most of us recognize.  Understanding how this works will help you to benefit wholeheartedly from your massage.


Ayurvedic Oil Massage
De-toxification or purification is about removing toxins and those matters that obstruct the proper and effective functioning of not only the physical organs and tissues but also of the mind/emotions.  Often we suffer due to the inability to understand or accept the mental/emotional state we are put in or put ourselves in. Words uttered by close ones can stay with us causing confusion, becoming unforgiving and painful which then leads to hatred. It’s often the same with a medical diagnosis we don’t understand.  Even though we feel stuck in such situations, angry at the position it’s placed us in – there’s lots we can do but the impact of uncertainty and despair often leads to major imbalances of the mind/emotions. We think we are living a ‘good life’ but, with such subtle issues unrecognized or unwilling to recognize them, this will eventually cause some form of dis-ease to manifest. This dis-ease can be of any nature, depending on the Dosha and ‘Lifestyle’ of the individual.

You can see that toxins can be formed through the mind and emotions.  During the process of Ayurvedic massage, where the application of herbal and special oil is combined with continuous long strokes and heat, such stubborn toxins move from the subtle areas of the mind and emotions. Deep-seated mental/emotional pains and issues, left unattended or even forgotten, but still ‘there’ will ‘move’ with this kind of massage. When this happens, the patient-client will start to realize this process and will want to shed these negative feelings. Some may experience this in the form of crying or sadness or heaviness. When this passes one feels very relieved as if a burden has been lifted resulting in feeling lighter.  Mental/emotional issues can include a million matters and for each person one may be more important than the other.  Ayurvedic massage is called ‘Snehana’ meaning love and compassion. It allows one to experience the deep and natural feeling of love of One’s Self and respect for those around. When toxins begin to move in massage, the various feelings should be allowed to be experienced and not denied. If one denies such experiences, then one is not allowing the toxins to be removed.  In Ayurvedic massage, due to the purpose of the patient needing to experience the movement of such physical, mental and emotional toxins, talking is greatly discouraged. One is left to experience that which is taking place to its fullest and only then it becomes a de-toxifying therapy. This is one of the things that set it apart from other massage therapies (though in no other massage therapy is talking encouraged). Yes, the client-patient is of course encouraged to talk about any experiences with the physician/consultant for clarification on another day. It is, however, important the person rests immediately after massage.

The method of massage in Ayurveda is deep and with long flowing strokes. This continuous flow not only gets the oil deeper into the tissues but is also symbolic of the continuous process of detoxification and flow of knowledge of Ayurveda to you, thus allowing you to see your correct nature.

Ayurvedic massage is not only holistic in nature but it is also a ‘Holy’ process where you, in the form of the body, and mind/emotions are recognized and respected as the very TRUTH.